I am a qualified and MBACP accredited Person Centred Counsellor with 10 years counselling and psychotherapy experience. I believe that you as the client are as valuable and important in our relationship because you know "you know what hurts and where your difficulties lie" and most importantly what you need from therapy”.

I am approachable, caring, supportive, warm, respectful and unassuming. I offer all my clients a confidential safe space where they can explore their feelings of angst, pain and distress freely without being judged.

I will help you;

  • Cope with your current difficulties
  • Resolve your conflicts
  • Explore your thoughts and feelings
  • Understand yourself and how you impact others
  • Regain your confidence
  • Express yourself and communicate with others better
  • Reach your goals and fulfill your potential

By offering you a nurturing and encouraging relationship which will enable you to overcome your difficulties, so that you can feel safe and start accepting yourself, as you truly are at your own pace.


The things that I take into consideration when working with you are your

1.      Frame of reference:  I try to understand where you are coming from, your perspective   

         and personal meanings.


2.      Your Scripts and Sense of self: How you see and what you believe about yourself.


3.      Organismic Valuing Process:  The roots of your values and judgements.

4.      Conditions of worth:  circumstances under which you feel worthy of love, regard and

         attention. i.e. my parents are proud when I get good grades, my teammates praise me

         when I score goals, my girlfriend is nicer to me when I am romantic. etc.    


And together we will explore and discover your 


5.      Locus of evaluation Whose opinions, thoughts and feelings do you value or trust. Yours

         or others.

6.      Distortions & denial: The feelings and experiences you deny or twist because they are

         too painful to admit to yourself.